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AI-driven, full-funnel programmatic platform

World-class programmatic technology lays the foundation for your app growth

AI & App Intelligence

Supply optimisation and audience modeling leveraging advertiser first-party data and third-party DMP data from partners.

Lift & Incrementality Focused

Integrated modules to measure Incrementality with dashboards that give insights into the increase in conversions or engagement.

CPI/CPA prediction and dynamic real-time targeting

Leveraging deep-learning algorithms for bid optimisation on all funnel stages to reach the most valuable users.

Massive Scale

High audience outreach with integrations across programmatic ecosystem with top exchanges, SDK networks & direct publishers.

Creative Innovation

Dynamic creative feeds and templates to maximise personalisation & engagement leading to high ROI. Leverage Video, Native or Interstitial formats.


100% transparency for every impression served. App site level transparency with insights on self-serve dashboard.

Programmatic Marketing With App Intelligence

Leverage mobile advertising with confidence

Advertise only on verified inventory for higher ROI

Precise publisher level targeting

Smart filtering for quality focused advertising

Our smart filtering system ensures that we only bid on quality inventory for your marketing campaigns.

App intelligence for mobile retargeting

ROI focused mobile retargeting with data signals to drive conversions

Incrementality Measurement Enabled On Platform

Dynamic mobile retargeting with data signals to drive incremental conversions

Measure how much incremental value was brought by your campaigns, taking organic conversions into account.

We design and deploy innovative creative solutions to make you stand out from the crowd.

You need immersive creatives with real-time, data-driven personalization to drive users to action time and time again.

An knowledgeable Design team that knows what the market wants to see.

Creative sophistication to standout from the crowd.

Creative innovation for enhanced ad experience: the best tech and the best practices.

See what is possible with mobile programmatic.